Home     A-Klasse Narcis ''Ice Follies'' (10 st.)
A-Klasse Narcis ''Ice Follies'' (10 st.)

A-Klasse Narcis ''Ice Follies'' (10 st.)

Lichtgeel/wit blad met donkergele kelk

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A-Klasse Narcis ''Ice Follies'' (10 st.)


Indeling: Grootkronig
Bloeilengte: Hoog (40cm)
Kleur: Geel

Lichtgele blad met donkergele kelk

Daffodils belong to the genus Narcissus and are one of the most beautiful and popular bulb flowers in any garden. Other names for the daffodil include jonquil and white narcissi. One of the first flowers to make their appearance in early spring, the daffodil signifies the end of winter. Daffodils have a trumpet shaped center against star shaped petals. The trumpet is often a contrasting color to the star. Daffodils are generally around 2 feet tall with 5-inch blooms.